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Bar Exam Prep Programs

The question of ‘which bar exam program should I take?’ has always had the same response, until maybe recently. In this specific article, we assess some of the very best options you’ll be able to choose to help you with your bar exam success.

Following is a quick graph that basically summarizes the remainder of the post. Carry on, if you would like a full depth analysis!

Here’s a list of variables you could also wish to think about. Your priorities may be different, and feel free to re-prioritize as you see fit.

1) Pass rate of the program

Results and dependability of the program are our most important condition.

2) Price/Value

Everything depends upon how much I am paying and what I am getting for my dollar.

3) Program construction

This is not unimportant. When are the courses? What’s the study plan? The construction should cater to your individual fashion as well as study habits.

4) Cost if have to retake

This really is a backup alternative to consider. Some programs are free to retake in the event you don’t pass the first time. Trust for the best, plan for the worst.

5) Application experience

A plan with an established record can be better than a newer plan with little or no history.


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