Commonwealth of Virginia Legislature Franchise Rule Bill

Many could be politicians think that more regulation on companies will some how assist the public and consumer. The simple truth is rules should be adopted by business and there’s always an expense to doing this. These costs may cause unintended effects for example put excessive difficulty around the business causing it to close shop or forcing the company owner to gather individuals costs in greater prices to consumers. Thus the customer is either broken in greater costs or fewer competition and selection on the market. This obviously to be the complete opposite of the items brain dead loser regulators think that they’re trying related to elevated rules, and so the Commonwealth of Virginia Legislature in staring at the suggested Franchise Rule Bill is creating a huge mistake like a lot of stupid politicians have previously.

So what can companies do in order to alert most effective and quickest from the missteps of these idiots in government? Well this is a quote from the franchisor to some franchise buyer within the Commonwealth of Virginia explaining why he’d not sell a franchise towards the buyer:

“I’m sorry this over regulation has avoided you against getting the customer option to join our elite team. This really is frequently what goes on when such rules create roadblocks and barriers to entry in a variety of areas. I’m also sorry for that residents of the condition for the reason that the Commonwealth will receive less revenue in taxation to assist the most popular good because of the decreased companies these rules cause. Therefore has effects on items like schools, roads, public safety, healthcare, libraries and also the many government departments in the region. Virginia is among the very best worst states within the union for franchise rules which hurts employment figures too, bad really, maybe at some point the federal government could easily get their heads from their asses. Yet it’s very doubtful as Home theater system . know living inside the belt-way.”

“Because of these details, I would definitely be not able and possibly even reluctant to help you in anyway. Also there’s much business in Veterans administration within the after market auto sector even on surf day, so part-time detailing is another tough one, it could become full-time rather rapidly having a minimal of referrals, because you will probably determine as you become began by yourself.”

“Best of luck inside your new future business where failure minute rates are 5:1 and again so sorry for the morons within the regulatory physiques, they are really so unaware they don’t know what they’re doing or even the issues that they cause. I suppose you just need to laugh at these fools.”

My question towards the masses happens when are you going to decipher it more rules and much more rules are hurting your freedoms, quality of existence and quest for happiness? Silly humans, you simply do not get it would you? Think about this in the year 2006.